Polemarch - Richard Holley

Vice Polemarch - Erik Jones

Keeper of Exchequer - Pierre Reed

Assistant Keeper of Exchequer - Thomas A. Bennett, Jr.

Keeper of Records - Seymour Davis

Assistant Keeper of Records - Roger A. Wilson

Strategus - Chomeini Powell

Lt. Strategus- Rick Tagna Teta

Reporter - Barri E. Hutchins

Historian - Earl H. Robbins, Jr.

Reclamation Cmte Dir.: Mike Garner


Membership Training Academy (MTA)

Erik Jones
Thomas A. Bennett, Jr.

Guide Right Director

  • Erik Jones

  • Earl H. Robbins, Jr.

Board Members

  • Earl H. Robbins, Jr.

  • Barri E. Hutchins

  • Erik Jones

  • Willie Wright

  • Thomas A. Bennett, Jr.

  • J. Michael Garner

Kappa Foundation Board

  • Earl H. Robbins, Jr.

  • Thomas A. Bennett, Jr.

PO Box 1273 Frederick, MD 21702